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Another noteworthy article ‘Relationship Coaching in the Work Environment’ by iCN Journalist from UK Malcolm Nicholson. Malcolm thoroughly discusses ways & materials to use to support workplace coaching.
— Lovelia A. Caracut Editor, iCN Magazine
For our Book Review Section we have ‘Coaching In Three Dimensions - Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World’ review done by iCN Journalist from UK Malcolm Nicholson. The book written by Paul Lawrence & Allen Moore, pushed the boundaries of accepted wisdom around what coaching is, encouraging creativity and new approaches.
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In this 22nd edition, look out for the article ‘The Importance of Wellness and Holistic Coaching-The View from One of the UK’s Largest Housing Providers’ by Malcolm Nicholson iCN Journalist from United Kingdom. In this interview with Orbit’s Head of Tenancy Sustainment, Kevin Hornsby discusses how they adopted Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model, ensuring they are giving their customers the best chance of sustaining their tenancy

Lovelia Caracut

Editor, iCN


Based on a conversation between Geoffrey Abbott, PhD, Director, Executive Coaching Programs, Graduate School of Business, Queensland University of Technology and the author.















In this edition look out for ‘The Changing Demands of Leadership in the 21st century, Is Coaching Keeping up?’ by Malcolm Nicholson from United Kingdom. In this article, Malcolm interviews notable business leaders to know their thoughts on the continuing changes of leadership.
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The ICN is proud to have collaborated with several renowned international columnists, expert coaches and best-selling authors to provide insights on Wellness & Holistic Coaching. In this edition look out for our feature article from a regular contributor turned iCN journalist, Malcolm Nicholson from the United Kingdom, ‘Wellness – Where does it fit in a Leader’s Priorities?’. Malcolm discusses the global trends in wellness and how it impacts an organisation. He goes onto explore that Holism and interconnectedness are essential elements of effective coaching, whether it is done by external executive managers or by leaders who adopt a true leadership coaching style.
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"Thank you Malcolm … the last two paragraphs are very interesting!"

 - EMEA HRD, Fortune 500 company

Thank you for the really interesting article...
— HRD, FTSE 100 Business
Great article and some great takeaways for me there...
— CIO, European Investment Company
Another noteworthy article is ‘Success Story in Business Coaching Leadership, Life & Optimism’ by one of our regular contributors Malcolm Nicholson from the United Kingdom. He gives us insights on optimism and why it is an essential ingredient for innovation. He encourages us that the next time we have a difficult situation ahead, we should minimise negative thoughts and visualise the outcome we want by using positive affirmation statements.
— Editor, iCN Magazine
Its a very good article...
I have come to the conclusion that management of someone’s internal dialogue is a defining step in managing mood and its outward manifestation.
Your point about learned optimism I think is very important as you have to practice these skills unless you are very lucky and never have to face any sort of adversity.
I will have a bit more of a reflect as there is clearly something very worthwhile in exploring this more.
— Group HRD, FTSE 250 Business
...thanks for the article. It was quite thought provoking, just like the [coaching] sessions we used to have.
— MD, Global Food & Services Business, Singapore
Our international columnists, expert coaches and best-selling authors have provided insights about leadership coaching. In this month’s feature article ‘The Business Coaching Landscape – The Past, Present & Future’, author Malcolm Nicholson lays out the past, present and future of business & leadership coaching. In this article he shows us how leadership coaching is constantly evolving from time immemorial.
— Editor, International Coaching News
Well done! I appreciate that you have provided amazing knowledge on business coaching. It helps a lot for guidance to anyone.
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You are one of our most valued contributors. I always look forward to your quality articles. Thank you for always putting such heart and soul into each piece that you write.
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A Coach's Story

Read Malcolm Nicholson's story of how he became a top Leadership Coach in ‘A Coach's Story’, Edited by Gerard O’Donovan, Published by Book Shaker, 2011

A Coach’s Story follows the journeys of 20 coaches, offering insights into the world of coaching from a variety of perspectives...these true-life stories of victory, compassion, intelligence and survival will provide instructive inspiration.
— A Coach's Story


A sample of previous articles to which Malcolm Nicholson has contributed.



Malcolm is now a presenter with Coach Radio International. His interviews will be available in this section