The Aspecture Coaching Programme

This is the cornerstone of the CoachingPlus suite. By working on a one-to-one basis, we will challenge your inherited outlook about yourself and provide you with the tools and thinking to let you transform your behaviour.

A recent survey of over 1500 CEOs found that only half considered themselves prepared for the complexity of the global business environment that is unfolding. People are struggling with the constant barrage of change– often coming at them in multiple ways and forms. They are not sufficiently across the breadth of the business landscape to enable them to make sense of the kind of business situations in which they find themselves. You need a complex solution to meet the complexity of the situation.

So, where does Aspecture’s coaching fit into this highly complex shifting landscape?

Aspecture is coaching at its best, informed by good theory, practices and case studies and so is brilliant and uniquely placed to encourage you into new kinds of conversations that deepen and build your cognitive capacity and enable you to make sense out of circumstances that are extremely complex.

I bring an additional overlay of tools taken from three other disciplines:-

-       Sports psychology, helping people to perform at their peak; dealing with the ‘outside world’.

-       Complexity Theory, building leaders cognitive capacity to deal with highly complex circumstances for ‘in the role’.

-        Existentialist Coaching, making sense of unpredictability; getting clarity for the ‘inner person’.

My coaching philosophy is simple. It is to work in a personalised alliance with you to increase your capacity to manage through messy challenges. It will inspire you to recognise your potential; to discover how to remove the roadblocks stopping you from achieving that potential; and maximise your momentum to achieving that potential to deliver great results.

A client described my approach as ‘engaging – yet ruthlessly results orientated!’  I like to work at 2 levels – a pragmatic level where people can take something different from each coaching session which will have an impact on their performance, and at a transformational level, working on deep seated or underlying causes of certain behaviours.

A frequently heard quote from me is that your life and career are a serious business. However, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the journey. It can and should be fun, not least because it speeds up the learning process. 


The Aspecture Continuation Programme

The Aspecture continuation programme extends the change momentum generated during the initial coaching programme. 

It provides flexible ongoing coaching support to enable you to maintain a touchdown during shifts or changes in your career, or to ensure changes continue to be long-term as your circumstances change. A client, in a reference, said "A sign of his success is the high level of repeat business he generates from his clients.  Once they work with him, they tend to come back for more!"



Find out what to expect when working with Malcolm Nicholson. Download 'What to expect from your Aspecture Coaching Programme'.



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