Testimonials — See some of the things people are saying about their coaching.

The coaching is, to be blunt, pretty damn amazing.
As you know, it was provided because I was struggling and was not really seeing a future for myself in the company. I am now back to being the enthused, positive, proactive person I remembered being. I am fully committed to the company again which is fantastic, I have even asked to stay in my current role for another year .... as I believe now there is a lot more I can offer in this role, can deliver for the company and so much more I can learn. I also feel that I have a clearer picture of what my boss was trying to tell me and am working quite actively on trying to change those (ok the reality is this will take time to get there but at least I have the direction now and am seeing some success with it).
See, miracles really do happen.
— CIO, Multi-National Financial Services Company
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your fantastically insightful help. It has been so invaluable and is the best development I have ever had. I think it is rather amazing how you have developed the skill /art to such a very high degree.
— HR Director, Health & Social Care organization
I have to say this is the best development I’ve ever had. It’s much, much better than my MBA!
[My] mind literally in overload still, all supremely positive by the way, I think that was one of the most personally challenging 2 hrs I have spent in my career...it’s addictive and leads to so many places!
— Director, multinational BPO business
Since Aspecture started working with our Executive Leadership Team, we have noticed some significant changes in their attitudes and awareness. It was vitally important that all of our Directors quickly understood and helped implement the recent major changes that the Trust has made, and it is clear that they are now all fully engaged with the organisation.
Malcolm’s work is having a far greater impact on the team than any previous coaching or training that we have used. I would highly recommend Aspecture to any organisation, large or small, who is looking to improve the thinking of their key employees and help create an environment where change is only thought of as a positive step forward.
— Gary Graham – HR Director, Burton Hospitals NHS Trust (Now CEO, Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust)
Great session yesterday. Thought it was right on the money.”

“I loved yesterday, thought it was a good session and I think we need to ensure we do more of them…..hopefully you can see it had a positive impact on me!”

“Great job today Much appreciated

“Thanks for a good day Malcolm – thought provoking; helpful and well facilitated.”

“Enjoyed yesterday and will be working on GROW.
— Executive team coaching day participants
I certainly want to engage you again …as I really do value your counsel and support. You really have made a huge difference to both my personal and professional outlook on life and have given me the courage to make some life changing decisions. The huge wins… in the UK …Canada and the US would not have happened without your coaching as I stepped back and kept the big picture in mind always throughout the process. I really do look forward to working with you again.
— Director, FTSE 100 company
Malcolm has provided unique and refreshing coaching programmes for our leadership team. He has given us the tools we need to modify our approach and, in several cases, removed the blocks to achieving significantly more.

Malcolm’s approach is pragmatic and results orientated and he has revealed some interesting blind spots in some of our people! He has continued to ‘go the extra mile’ and has supported me through several paradigm shifts in our business. I would say his work is a must for any business in a changing or challenging market place.
— Managing Director, Entertainment Distribution Business
.... I used the skills and approaches that you helped me develop - to the extent I was a credible MD designate throughout the bid.
— Bid Director, Rail Franchise
100% of our clients have said they would recommend Aspecture to their friends and colleagues (last updated June 2018).
Aspecture Executive Coaching can increase productivity, reduce stress levels in individuals and improve their quality of life both in the office and at a personal level. Businesses who don’t take this performance and executive coaching on board are missing out. In fact, Saying no to Aspecture’s coaching is saying no to learning, growth and improving your performance.
— David Hill – Vice President EMEA, Spirent Communications
Spot on set of notes. Bullseye, and I am already noticing my instinctive mindtalk, and course-correcting. Great support as usual and much appreciated - brilliant.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and insight.
— HR Director, Health & Social Care organization
In an increasingly complex business environment, the role of senior managers and leaders is ever more demanding. Aspecture’s contribution has resulted in tangible and measurable change in the effectiveness, style and behaviours of the senior managers they have worked with. Their approach which seeks to balance work, family and personal roles is one which fits very well into the culture of the Bank and as a result, they have added a great deal of value to the organisation.
— Global Head of People, Multinational Banking and Financial Services Company

"I just want to say that I can't say enough about Malcolm.

He is a magnificent coach - and one of the leaders in the coaching world in the United Kingdom"

- Gerard O'Donovan, President, IIC&M  (International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring); CEO & Founder, Noble Manhattan, International Professional Life Coach & Executive Coach Training Company. 


91% said that the Aspecture coaching had changed the way they handle new challenges and opportunities.
...and every day when I wake up I say thanks to you for all your help!
— Senior Vice President, Multinational IT Business
Future fulfilled...

Future fulfilled...

I found the session super helpful. I left the session full of confidence that the actions we’d discussed would bear fruit.
— CEO, Property Company
You are a gem.
Thank you so much for the time spent today. Your insight was invaluable. So glad I reached out to you.
Lets get another session in the diary soon and a million thanks thus far.
— Finance Director. (August 2018)
Malcolm is the man I turn to when all others have failed or where the development need or change in behaviour required is more fundamental - more than just a bit of self awareness or the development of a wider range of influencing styles. Malcolm is there for when you want people “moved” in a way which unfreezes their behaviour and then resets them on a completely different and much more helpful course. His approach is able to tackle unhelpful behaviours in people that have been blocking that individual for years and to which they have a huge blindspot. He seems to be able to come in at a different angle to others who call themselves ‘coaches’, and I have seen him alter people in a hard wiring rather than intellectual way.

People are used to the concept of coaching these days, and to playing the game. Malcolm gets to the fundamentals quickly and achieves meaningful change. That’s why I like him.
— Robin Mills: Human Resources Director, Compass Group UK PLC
The Aspecture Coaching Programme has significantly contributed to the development of my self-awareness and management skills. Malcolm’s coaching during the programme was exceptional, and in a very short period I made long term improvements in self-awareness and personal effectiveness. I would recommend the programme to anyone seeking to make a step-change in personal effectiveness.
I have also encouraged my team to participate in the Aspecture Coaching Programme and my senior managers have all taken part, which has resulted in a cohesive, self-aware and empowered management team.
— Mike Branigan, CEO, TDG
“Thanks a lot for the phone dialogue today. It helped me a lot. Impressive that a person with almost no knowledge about me and my situation can help that much – just spending one hour at the phone !
— MD/Regional Head, multinational organisation, Denmark
I received excellent coaching from Malcolm through his program. He is fantastic at supporting you through difficult situations, helping you to see things from a ‘helicopter view’ and to make the right decision. Malcolm is a great listener and fun to work with – I highly recommend him!
— MD, UK Operating Division, FTSE 250 company
The main benefit for me was the re-invention of myself as a product in the business – by becoming more measured and “statesman-like” I have been able to convey my messages more effectively and am now reaping the rewards of my hard work. Thank you Malcolm

How much did the coaching help you to understand yourself? Rated 10/10

How much did the coaching help improve the way you will deal with new challenges? Rated 10/10.
— Skills Development Director, Multinational Organisation
“The conflict management system was revolutionary in how I approached dealing with my peers and senior leaders…. The result has been transformational.
— Michael Kay, Head of Global Credit, Royal Bank of Canada
One of my Directors with whom you have been working has been transformed. He is completely different – more effective, relaxed and more impressive all round. Well done!
— CEO, International Entertainment Company
Malcolm has helped me significantly in becoming the youngest ever member of our Global 100 Talent Group. He has also assisted in building my confidence and that of my senior management team and has provided a clear direction of where I, and my team, want to go. Great work, and thoroughly enjoyable.
— Sales Director, International Financial Services
Thanks so much Malcolm for your time… You give me that strength everytime to move ahead.
— MD, leading provider of Social Housing
I still think of you and your coaching, and below is a note I received from my boss just last week on a deal we have been working hard to close. [He] sees how I have transformed. Thank you again for your good coaching and advice: -
’That is a fantastic outcome - Well done! If we get this deal done it will down to your tenacity and diplomacy.....difficult to exhibit both at the same time.’
— Global Head, Wealth Management, Banking
Malcom came to Trent and Dove through complete serendipity but has proven to be real asset to our coaching armoury. He operates well at board, executive & senior management levels as well as making strong connections on a 1:1 level and building effective relationships fundamental for coaching.

He brings a strong range of tools and techniques based on proven research and case studies.

And he’s great fun - people really like him.

I would recommend him to you unreservedly
— Tracy Pepper, Director People & Performance. Trent & Dove Housing Association
Malcolm was a star performer in a Master Coach training program I facilitated with the Behavioural Coaching Institute in London in 2007. Since then, I have forged a strong association with him and he now represents the Centre for International Business Coaching in the UK. Coaching can sometimes be full of smoke and mirrors with lots of hype - but not much action. With Malcolm, he is the real deal. He focuses on areas where clients can make genuine change and ensures that actions follow words and results follow. Malcolm is disarmingly open and direct when he sees things that need attention in the interests of the client. He is 100% professional, easy to talk with, and has a slightly wicked sense of humour (a must for any serious coach!). He is also curious about life and people and puts that quality to good use. I would recommend him to anyone who really wants to improve performance and get ahead.
— Geoffrey Abbott, PhD - Director Centre for International Business Coaching
You’ll have gathered that the CEO reached out to you based upon a recommendation from me. My hat remains doffed to you for doing what you did all those years ago…
— Sales Director, Network performance & security business
A Big thank you for the productive seminar in Zurich.”
“Thanks for yesterday-as ever, food for thought and lots to take away and work with.
— Financial Services & Investment business
I just want to thank you for your help and contribution in making the Group Day in Lucerne a success last week. Your expertise and great experience was invaluable. In addition, your suggestions and advice during the planning and preparation of the event were enormously helpful throughout the process.
— International Finance Organisation
92% felt they had made positive changes as a result of the Aspecture coaching.
You are one of our most valued contributors. I always look forward to your quality articles. Thank you for always putting such heart and soul into each piece that you write.
— Divisional Head, International Coaching News.
A special thanks to Malcolm .. for taking on the mantle of coaching us”
“Great to see you. On top form as ever – the consummate professional. Yesterday was fantastic and I really felt energized after the session.”
“I was very pleased with yesterday’s session. Your involvement was just right and you also ‘fitted in well’ with the team.
— HR Board, Global Engineering & Electrical Organisation
“Just to say that meeting you was one of the best things to happen to me last year and our sessions (and subsequent discussions) are precious to me. I am...looking forward to taking another big step forward with you next year.
— European L&D Director
[Malcolm] is a gifted professional who I have the highest regard for. He has very high standards which he usually exceeds, is very customer focused in the way he operates and provides highly personalised solutions for his clients, which they appreciate enormously.

He is adroit at picking out the key issues and focusing on them. Quality is his middle name. Every event or activity I have participated with him has been of excellent quality and high value. He is a natural enthusiast. He brings energy and purpose to his work. Overall, I recommend him in the strongest terms. One final point, he’s also a really good guy to work with, highly engaging, and fun too.
— - Main Board Director, FTSE 100 Global Bank
We used Aspecture’s Malcolm Nicholson with a range of senior & middle individuals within the organization, and achieved some particularly outstanding results. He has a unique & different approach, which certainly paid off. I would happily endorse the work he has done within our business.
— Human Resources Director, Major Retail Chain
The Aspecture Coaching has directly provided us with savings of at least £1/2 million profit with more to follow. It is a rare opportunity to get a significant return on your investment.
— Jeremy Hall – Chairman, Wyse Leasing
Malcolm Nicholson of Aspecture has taken our newly reorganized executive on the first stages of becoming an effective team, with the skills needed for leading the significant cultural change process we are embarking on. Our successful two day team building event is being replicated throughout the organization, and is being combined with Aspecture’s highly effective and unique approach to one to one coaching
— MD, major Property Law company
Great 2 days. I have been spouting to anyone who is interested and even those who aren’t about how wonderful the last 2 days have been
The HRD in particular was very pleased to hear how enthusiastic the whole SMT are.

The success in the main is down to your planning delivery and communication skills so thank you for providing what became. such a positive and rewarding experience
— Legal Director, Housing Sector. January 2018


"People are used to the concept of coaching these days, and to playing the game. Malcolm gets to the fundamentals quickly and achieves meaningful change. That's why I like him."

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