Latest Internet of Things Community blog: Does your Resilience match the requirements of IoT Age Leadership?

I’m here to help IoT business leaders achieve great results in this fast moving environment. 

The demands on leaders is growing exponentially. As Robert Kegan said in his book of the same name, we’re “In Over Our Heads”(1) Now, leaders have to have an understanding of biosystems & constructive depolarising!

Passive reaction is no longer an option. We can’t we just bob along with the current as they have a habit of taking you to places you don’t necessarily want to go. Suddenly, there’s a roaring noise in your ears as you approach a fall (which could be a physical health, mental health, career, or relationship fall). How then can you maximise your impact on your business?

A great starting point is checking your own Resilience. This is your mental toughness; your ability to think clearly and bounce back after adversity. It is a quality that is essential to develop. You may recall I referred in a previous article to Stoneage 1.0 - our operating system, which hasn't evolved to deal with the nuances of ‘threat’ with which most of us nowadays have to deal. ( ‘A report to be read by 4:30’ as opposed to ‘A dinosaur coming into our cave’!) Consequently we go through the same reaction to a threat as if it were a dinosaur.. we prepare for fight or flight. 

Conversely, “A Challenge State reflects a positive mental approach to pressure situations where our mental resources meet the demands of the situation. … Blood is delivered to the brain efficiently, and this highly important for mental functions such as concentration, decision-making, and having control over thoughts and emotions.” (2)

The differences in how we approach and react to situations have big implications for both our personal performance and consequently our business’s performance. 

Why not contact me to find out more about your own Resilience and how you can improve it? The results will not only impact you but your business. or + 44 (0)1932 267597.

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